About Faculty

The beginning of the Faculty of Mechanics appeared in 1956 with the established KPI Evening Department of Vilnius division. Later this Dept was restructured into the Evening Faculty of Mechanical technology at KPI that also incorporated the speciality of industrial and civil engineering.

From 1969 to 1990 the Faculty of Mechanical technology was in Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute. In 1990 the name of the Institute and Faculty was changed into the Faculty of Mechanics at Vilnius Technical University.

In 1994 the Faculty of Transport Engineering along with the Depts of Automobile Transport, Road Construction and Building Machines, Railway Transport, Transportation Organisation and Management split from the Faculty of Mechanics. The Dept of Aviation Engineering was transferred to the Institute of Aviation.

The Faculty of Mechanics has five departments:

Department of Biomechanics

Department of Materials Science and Welding

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechatronics and Robotics

Department of Printing Machines

There is also a research institute, investigating the problems of welding and materials and a research institute of mechanical science engaged in studies of mechanical and vibroacoustics problems.

The faculty staff – 91 persons. 43 persons academic staff (5 – Prof.Dr.Habil, 7– Prof.Dr., 27 - Assoc.Prof. Dr., 4 - Dr.). All academic staff members are researchers. Faculty has 18 PhD students.